About our training

All our trainers have worked in care for many years; we know it and we see how it can pull you down if you don’t swim against that tide. Having been through what your staff face on a daily basis puts us in the ideal position of being able to equip them with the right tools and plenty of encouragement to become better all-round carers. Empowering them to have more confidence in their knowledge and ability also enables them to make a positive difference in your home.

Improving knowledge

Improving their knowledge and experience with each course they attend – and, of course, we want them to enjoy their training too.

Don’t all the best ideas for changing an existing system come from those who know it best? You and your team are those people when it comes to improving care. Because you’re the ones who experience care’s problems first-hand. You’re also the most enthusiastic when it comes to making things better.

For people who care

Like you, we know how much care needs to improve for everybody. From people working in care to those people and families who rely on it to care for them or their loved ones.

Independent Training exists for people who care. Empowering you and your team to identify and make the small changes needed to create the ripple of positive change throughout the sector that will contribute to creating a better care sector for everyone.

About Orchard Trust

Our parent charity, Orchard Trust, runs residential homes, supported living, day services, respite and therapy in the Forest of Dean, supporting people and their families across Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire for over 30 years. All profit will be donated back to the charity enabling their work to continue for another 30 years and more.

As our parent charity, we get to share best practice and experience across both organisations. Sharing a CEO is useful too. Especially when it comes to being aware of local authority and CQC changes as early as possible – to ensure our training is always up to date.