Course background:

Designed to increase awareness this half day course increases awareness of enteral feeding and provides the learner with the practical knowledge to support an individual safely.

This course supports:

KLOE Questions: S3, E1, E2, E4, C1, C3, C4, R1, W1 & W2. Fundamental Standard: Staffing
SfC recommend refresher period: Specific conditions – 3 yearly or when a new need is identified.

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Course aims:

To develop understanding and confidence in learners to effectively manage Enteral or PEG feeding and medication administration.  The simulated practical assessment must be within the scope of the learners own organisational policy and guidelines, please ensure these are provided to the trainer in advance of the course date.


  • The purpose of enteral feeding
  • Neurological conditions which may require enteral feeding
  • Different types if enteral tubes
  • Indications and contra indications of enteral feeding
  • The care of naso gastric tubes and implementing balloon gastronomy
  • The procedures for feeding and administrating medications via enteral tubes
  • Recognising, dealing with and reporting complications
  • The care and maintenance of enteral feeding tubes and stoma sites
  • Procedures for effective mouth care
  • Documentation and record keeping

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Future dates to be confirmed, please contact us for details at


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