Safety is fundamental…and fun!

A range of training ensuring learners have up to date awareness and practical understanding of safety. Courses include an understanding of infection control practices, how to prevent fires, how people behave in a fire situation, the knowledge to write and deliver a PEEP and a good understanding of the need for and writing of a risk assessment.

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For all booking and course information regarding our Health and Safety Training Courses, please write to use at or call us on 01242 585 975.

A half day course providing a comprehensive overview of basic health, safety and infection control in health and social care and community settings.

A half day course suitable for all employees covering the basics of fire risks, spread and extinguishing, along with an awareness of human behaviour in fires and writing a PEEP.

A half day course designed to develop knowledge, skill, ability and most importantly practical confidence to conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments.