Course background:

A half day course where learners discover how effective leadership enables an organisation to meet the needs of its customers and regulators in a positive and encouraging way.  Learn how to link actions to goals, set SMART targets and ensure your appraisal system meets the needs of both your service and your staff.

This course supports:
KLOE Questions: S1, S2, C2 & E2. Fundamental Standard: Staffing
SfC recommend refresher period: Not specified

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Course aims:

To gain and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake effective performance appraisal meetings with direct reports.  To assist the individual to improve their performance and align tasks with organisational objectives.

Course designed for HR Leads, Line Managers and Senior Team Leaders/Coordinators.


  • Background on how effective appraisals meets ans match organisational goals and regulatory bodies objectives
  • Understand where effective appraisals fit within the organisation’s Performance Management Cycle
  • Appraisal systems – what should you have in place
  • How to make effective appraisals SMART!
  • What/who makes a good appraiser?
  • Making effective appraisals contribute to organisational goals and aspirations

When booking onto this course you may be asked to forward a copy of your companies documentation to enable the trainer to incorporate your format and structure into the session.

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£60.00 + VAT

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